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Jennifer Davies
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December 7, 2022

The advancement of technology has impacted our daily lives and the way industries operate in so many ways. Its impact on recruitment is no different. The recruitment evolution has changed the way recruiters and hiring managers do their jobs.

Developing an effective training strategy to harness these advancements is critical, especially for your recruitment team. Staying ahead of the competition and meeting demands for top-level talent, can help to guarantee your business’s progression and achievement of long-term goals.

On such a large scale, the training strategy you implement at your company should be methodical and objective. Helping to preserve the success and longevity of your recruitment strategy for years to come.  

To help you make the best decisions, we’ll cover the most important tech trends for 2023 and beyond that you can use to upskill your recruiters and benefit every department within your organisation.

Why is upskilling your recruiters important?

It is possible to lose talent and increase expenses by not having the right recruiting expertise. Even potential applicants can get lost when untrained recruiters spend too much time filtering good candidates out rather than screening the proper people in.  

A well-trained recruiter, on the other hand, is more likely to listen well and be trustworthy. Managers and HR professionals should upskill their teams for the following reasons:  

Hire the best talent: Training your recruiters is one of the best ways to acquire the best people, and it is the ultimate goal of a recruiter training program. When your staff improves, people outside see it and want to be a part of this change.  

Build a self – managed team: Properly trained recruiters can be relied upon to source great applicants. Using a HR recruitment platform, such as Tazio, to aid your recruiters will mean you won’t even have to oversee the recruitment process, allowing you to focus on your responsibilities and trust the recruiters to hire the best talent.

Increase profits and impact: A well trained recruiter using the correct technology can help your organization to source excellent people, result in a boost in overall efficiency and impact. Having a company where the best candidate is assigned to each position will increase earnings but will also improve employee satisfaction.

Build habits: Instilling strong hiring policies in your recruiters as soon as possible will help you avoid bad recruiting habits. In time, recruiters will be able to pass the process on to new hires, allowing the cycle to continue.

How digital trends are influencing recruitment  

Although many recruitment tasks have been performed for many years, the ones that recruiters have to deal with every day are constantly changing. That’s because technology is playing an increasingly essential role in talent acquisition, thanks to the introduction of digital HR.  

Tech trends always affect talent recruiting in the long run, no matter how hard you try to control what’s happening within your organization. It means that HR directors must know about current events to make essential changes.

Writing and posting job descriptions, screening applicants, conducting interviews, planning recruitment events, negotiating compensation packages, and onboarding recruits are all part of the talent acquisition process. With such a wide range of responsibilities, talent acquisition is regarded as one of the most important activities of the human resources department, influencing team quality, cohesion, and the achievement of critical business objectives.

Using technology to improve certain HR and recruitment functions enhances the employee experience. Furthermore, by digitising large sections of the onboarding process, HR can spend more time on strategic matters and focus on supporting managers with any role-specific onboarding processes.

Recruitment tech trends to look out for in 2023

Being aware of the latest recruitment trends is the simplest way of staying ahead of your competition and securing the best talent available.  In this section, we'll identify the most influential trends that your HR team need to stay ahead of the game in 2023.  

Remote interviewing

Hosting your job interviews through a digital platform such as Tazio is a prime example of how easy remote interviewing can be. It offers a great benefit to collaborative hiring, as well as streamlining candidate evaluation for assessors.  

Additionally, software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom can be effortlessly integrated into your recruitment campaign, allowing candidates to plan for and attend your interviews at their convenience.  

Whilst remote interviewing has become increasingly popular, it can come with some drawbacks. For example, from a candidate's perspective, if they can't interview in a clean or professional setting, it may put them at a disadvantage. This can also be distracting for assessors, as the candidate may be attending the interview from a location that has bad reception or a lot of background noise. Fortunately, video conferencing solutions like the ones mentioned above often provide solutions to these issues (noise cancellation, blurred backgrounds, etc). Resulting in a seamless experience for both parties.

Secondly, there may also be drawbacks from a technological standpoint, some of which may be outside the candidate's control. Ensuring that your candidates know how to access the interview and set up their devices correctly can help negate some of these technical issues. Providing them with confidence in the system and the opportunity to perform at their best.  


If you're looking to make data-driven and informed recruitment decisions, then implementing analytics in your recruitment process is a must. It can help to identify areas of strength and weakness, reduce the cost of talent acquisition, highlight bottlenecks in your recruitment funnel, and help to fill your vacancies quicker. As a result, analytics are a great way of demonstrating effectiveness and ROI.  

From the standpoint of a recruiter, analytics can also be beneficial for projecting and anticipating future trends. Predicting candidate performance, estimated time to hire, the likelihood of interview acceptance, and idealised tenure of successful candidates are a few metrics that are critical to recruiters. Fortunately, due to technological advancements, most recruitment software includes aggregation, trend detection, visualization and predictive analysis features. Making the analysis of data as effortless as possible.


Automation is really important for streamlining your recruitment process and making it more efficient. For many, automating the most time-consuming tasks will make the greatest impact, however, any automation can be beneficial in saving you time.  

As an example, the verification of candidate documents is a very time-consuming process that requires little human input to complete. Thankfully, processes like this can be easily automated with the use of a programmable bot. This autonomous bot will complete the required checks and feed the data back to your applicant tracking system.  

Automation is a great tool for undertaking a lot of heavy-lifting tasks at a great pace. That's why many recruitment teams hold it in such high regard when evaluating its value to the talent acquisition process.

Recruitment marketing

In today's recruitment landscape job seekers have considerably more power and confidence in applying for or rejecting job offers that don't suit them to the smallest detail.

That's why many employers are adopting the use of recruitment marketing to boost the number of qualified candidates that can identify and apply for their roles. Many recruitment tools often integrate recruitment marketing strategies and best practices, helping organisations to optimize themselves for the modern-day applicant.

Applicant tracking systems

Briefly mentioned in our automation section, applicant tracking systems (ATS) are a classification of software that supplies a lot of automation to the application process. It can act as a digital storage for all applications, mitigating the need for paper filing systems. Likewise, an ATS can automate many of the processes in the application pipeline, providing your HR team with more time to focus on the important tasks that require human input.  

Nowadays, the vast majority of organisations utilise an applicant tracking system in their recruitment process. In many cases, these businesses experience outstanding results, both in terms of resources conserved and candidates recruited.

How can you keep ahead of these trends?

Understanding these trends can't offer you any guarantee of recruiting the best talent for the long haul. Therefore, you must stay up to date with any advancements in the recruitment technology field. We understand how fast-paced the industry we work in is, so, here's how you can stay up to date with all the changes:  


Understandably, attending industry conferences can be annoying due to the time they take out of your schedule. However, they are extremely important in keeping up to date with changes and trends. Be sure to network at every possibility, especially with any influential figures at the conference. Finally, sit and listen to the talks and speeches given by industry figureheads, you'll be surprised by the benefits and ideas that you take away.  


If you can't attend any events or conferences, then industry-related webinars are the next best thing. They are generally quite compact and offer a great opportunity to listen in on industry experts discussing the latest insights and topics, all from the comfort of your desk.  

If you find yourself interested in a webinar, but unavailable to attend, register anyway. Many organisers will send out a recording of the entire experience a few days later to those who signed up.  


Industry-wide reports contain huge payloads of data that can help you stay ahead of the curve as a recruiter. Keeping up to date with these reports can help you to act quickly when the recruitment landscape changes, keeping you up to date with newly occurring trends. Thankfully, you don't need to be a genius to make sense of the data identified in these reports. Nowadays everything is presented in easily digestible charts and graphics, all written in a way that an industry novice would understand.  

Improve your recruitment technology with Tazio

It's easy to become overwhelmed with the pace that recruitment trends come, go and advance. Fortunately, there are recruitment tools available that help you keep up-to-date with these changes a little easier.  

Tazio is a state-of-the-art recruitment platform that encompasses a wide variety of tools that can streamline your recruitment process and support you in the acquisition of top-quality talent.

Take a look at some of the benefits:

Improve and speed up your hiring process

Our platform can offer significant reductions in your businesses time to hire. For example, Tazio offers a pre-screening service that will accurately filter out candidates that don't meet the qualification criteria of your role. Thus, saving your recruitment team countless hours of labour.  

Combine this with some of Tazio's other offerings, such as; our automated candidate alert system and our interviewing scheduling tool. Then your business would have a smooth and all encompassing recruitment pipeline, with the potential to hire the best talent available.  

Hire the right talent

Thanks to Tazio's end-to-end recruitment offering, you can be confident in your recruitment team to make informed and educated hiring decisions. Dependent on the type of solution you choose, Tazio can provide a unique insight into your applicants. Resulting in more time being focused on the candidates that could positively impact your business.  

Providing an enhanced candidate experience

Developing a great candidate experience (CX) is a key component to securing top-quality talent. Not only does it provide candidates with a positive first impression of your business, but it inspires them to perform at their best within your recruitment campaigns.  

CX is prevalent through the entire recruitment pipeline, from initial application to onboarding. Therefore, making life easy for your prospective talent should be at the forefront of your strategy. Applying for your role should be quick and easy, your assessment or interview process should be engaging and informative. Essentially, the greater the emphasis you put on ensuring candidates enjoy your recruitment experience, the more likely they are to stick around and see it through.

For many candidates, regular communication with a potential employer can positively impact their motivation to remain in the recruitment process. An effortless way of achieving this can be by using automated messaging systems. As mentioned previously, these messages can alert candidates at certain milestones in the recruitment process.  

Analyse your performance

Analytics and reporting features in the Tazio platform can provide further insights for making informed hiring decisions. Our reporting system can help you to determine the success of your hiring campaign and identify areas of potential improvement.  

Thanks to our commitment to D, E&I, the Tazio platform also offers outstanding accessibility to those that need reasonable adjustments (for candidates and assessors). Helping to ensuring your business aligns with its diversity, equality, and inclusion principles.

Upgrade your recruitment process today with Tazio

If you're looking to take your recruitment process to the next level, why not consider switching to Tazio? There is no better time to adopt our variety of virtual and digital tools, keeping your business ahead of the recruitment trend.  

Get in touch with one of our friendly experts by clicking here, or by giving us a call on 02922 331 888.

Jennifer Davies

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