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Maximise your assessment centre performance with cutting-edge technology - Tazio's Assess Smart is the ultimate solution for running efficient, reliable, and customisable assessment centres at scale.

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Why use assessment centres?

Assessment centres are widely used in graduate and early careers recruitment to evaluate high volumes of candidates in a cost-effective and efficient manner. They typically involve a series of assessments, including structured group activities, individual presentations and interviews, and aptitude and psychometric tests, to evaluate a candidate's abilities, values, motivation and potential to perform well in the role. 

The assessments are designed to reflect the real-life demands of the role and evaluate an individual's ability to perform the tasks required in that role. This may include assessing leadership, problem-solving, communication, and teamwork skills.

Assessment centres provide a systematic, objective, and standardised method for evaluating a candidate's suitability for a job. They offer a more comprehensive and accurate evaluation than traditional selection methods such as an online application form or CV and then an interview.  

In addition to recruitment and selection, they are used in other contexts, including employee development, training and performance management. They are widely recognised as a reliable and effective method for evaluating individuals in the workplace and are used by many large organisations.

Problems with assessment centres

While assessment centres can offer many benefits to organisations, there are also some potential problems you should consider:

1. Time and cost: Running assessment centres can be time-consuming and expensive and will require specialised expertise and resources.

2. Bias: Assessment centres can be influenced by biases, such as unconscious bias, cultural bias, and the halo effect. To minimise bias, it is essential to use standardised assessment methods, have trained assessors, and use a consistent assessment process.

3. Validity: The validity of the results from an assessment centre can be influenced by factors such as the quality of the assessment methods used, the experience of the assessors, and the objectivity of the assessment process.

4. Paperwork: Without appropriate software, assessors typically record their scores and observations on simple spreadsheets or, worse, on paper. This makes collating data and comparing candidates incredibly time-consuming and prone to error.

5. Legal considerations: Assessment centres must be designed and implemented in compliance with relevant employment laws, such as anti-discrimination and privacy laws.

While these problems can present challenges by using Tazio's Assess Smart and with careful planning and implementation, these can all be mitigated. We have years of experience designing, implementing and running assessment centres for hundreds of large global employers. We can minimise these problems, ensuring that your assessment centre is effective and successful.

Assess Smart solves these problems

Our assessment centre management software, Assess Smart, was created to support assessment centre design, administration, and analysis. Some of the key benefits of using Tazio's assessment centre software include the following:

1. Streamlined administration: Assess Smart automates virtually all the administrative tasks associated with running an assessment centre, such as scheduling candidates' and assessors' time, tracking participant progress, and generating reports. This saves recruiters a lot of time and significantly reduces the risk of errors.

2. Improved accuracy: Assess Smart includes standardised, objective, and validated exercises, assessments, aptitude tests and structured interviews, improving the accuracy of the results.

3. Increased efficiency: Assess Smart reduces the time and resources required to conduct assessment centres, making it possible to run more centres in less time.

4. Customisation: Assess Smart can easily be customised to meet your organisation's specific needs, including the ability to design and administer bespoke assessments, exercises and tests.

5. Scalability: Assess Smart is used to assess large numbers of candidates, making it possible to evaluate an entire organisation or large groups of candidates.

When choosing assessment centre software, selecting a software solution that is reliable, user-friendly, and supports the specific needs of your organisation is essential; Tazio meets all these requirements. 

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Assess Smart in action

For your assessment centre to succeed, you first need to create a combination of assessments, exercises, aptitude and psychometric tests, one-to-one and group interviews to objectively assess candidates against your competency and values framework.

In Assess Smart, you can design, administer and deliver all types of assessments. We will work closely with your team to select the best tests, exercises, and interview questions to assess candidates for your roles. We can also create the content, competency frameworks, and supporting documents to ensure that your assessment centre is objective, impartial and valid. We will write all communications for your candidates, assessors, and facilitators to ensure the assessment centre runs smoothly from start to finish.

Benefits of Assess Smart

  • Significantly reduces your administrative workload
  • Structured scoring reduces bias and ensures consistency
  • All scoring and observations are stored securely in the cloud
  • Exercise materials hosted and managed securely online
  • Supports all types of exercise, assessment and interview
  • Guarantees a highly professional, engaging candidate experience.  

Features of Assess Smart

  • Candidate and assessor invites and scheduling
  • Distribute guides and pre-course material in advance
  • Control candidate visibility of documents for each exercise
  • Integrates with online assessments, aptitude tests and psychometrics
  • Candidates and assessors supported throughout the day
  • Structured scoring matrixes with clear definitions and guides

What is assessment centre software?

Assessment centre software is a tool that supports the design, administration, and analysis of assessment centres. It helps streamline administrative tasks, improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and provide customisation options.

What are the benefits of using assessment centre software?

Some key benefits of assessment centre software include streamlined administration, improved accuracy, increased efficiency, customisation, and scalability.

How does assessment centre software improve the accuracy of results?

Assessment centre software provides standardised, objective, and reliable assessments, which can improve the accuracy of the results, and it reduces the potential for human error, bias, and inconsistencies.

Can assessment centre software be customised to meet an organisation's specific needs?

Yes, assessment centre software can be customised to meet the specific needs of different organisations. This includes the ability to design and administer customised assessments, exercises and tests, brand the user experience, and use your competency and values frameworks.

How much does assessment centre software cost?

Prices vary depending on the level of support you need, the number of centres and candidates etc. Tazio Assess Smart is the most advanced solution, so it is not the cheapest. However, it is far from the most expensive. As a ballpark guide, you should expect to pay between £20 and £50 per candidate for a fully managed assessment centre using Assess Smart.

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