Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for employers to develop their future workforce and solve the growing skills shortages. We help large employers create and deliver high-quality apprentice recruitment campaigns at speed and scale.

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Hiring apprentices is complex

Recruiting apprentices can be highly challenging. Assessing school leavers or candidates with no previous experience requires a different approach to traditional recruitment. 

Often with little or no prior experience working in the role, how do you identify those candidates with the potential to flourish? Add the need to achieve diversity targets (such as gender or ethnic background), improve candidate perceptions of the role and your organisation, and you face a tough challenge. 

Today, school and college leavers have more apprenticeships, entry-level roles, and gig work to choose from than ever. So, you need a seamless recruitment process that can attract and engage sufficient numbers of candidates. Equally, you need to be able to efficiently assess candidates' potential to perform well in the role and align with your corporate values. 

Satisfying all these conflicting requirements is vital for a successful apprentice recruitment campaign. Make the process too simple, and you'll be overwhelmed with unsuitable candidates. Too complex, and you'll deter many good candidates and find it harder to fill your quotas.

A new streamlined approach to apprentice hiring

We work with large employers such as the BNP Paribas, Bank of England, Imperial Brands, Mace Group, Schindler and Unilever to create end to end hiring processes that quickly evaluate candidates' skills and suitability. Whilst simultaneously engaging them and providing a clear insight into the role and the culture of the organisation. 

Often described as "one experience assessments", these typically combine a realistic job preview, usually in the form of videos, a situational judgement test (SJT), or values-based assessment, and an automated interview. The whole process typically takes candidates less than 30 minutes to complete.

You can then see how each candidate ranks on their skills and suitability, resulting in an overall fit score. Then, you can go straight to a conditional offer for those above a certain threshold.  

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