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Realistic Job Previews

Giving candidates a clear picture of what the role and your company are really like improves the quality of hire and accelerates onboarding. 

Realistic job previews work

Most candidates applying for early careers or graduate roles will have little or no experience of what to expect from the role or what working for you is like. Including a realistic job preview helps candidates  see what to expect, better understand your culture and decide upfront whether they are a good fit.

What makes a fantastic job preview? 

As part of your recruitment process, we include short videos or audio clips that focus on the specific parts of the role which are vital for candidates to understand.

For example, if a role includes shift work or requires working at  weekends, it important to demonstrate this and what it means in practice to the candidate. They can then decide for themselves if they are happy with this way of working.

Benefits of realistic job previews

  • Increases candidate engagement
  • Creates understanding of the demands of the role
  • Demonstrates your culture and values
  • Improves candidate onboarding
  • Reduces candidate turnover

Features of realistic job previews

  • Audio clips and videos bring a role to life
  • Candidates get to understand the role earlier
  • Short videos can be spread throughout the process
  • Candidates better understand your culture and values
Tazio Logomark in white