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Situational Judgement Tests

Get a clear insight into how your candidates may behave and react to everyday workplace situations.

Evaluating behaviour with SJTs

What someone knows or how good they are at a specific task only tells you so much. It helps to understand how they might react or behave in the different scenarios they are likely to encounter in the role.

Situational judgement tests (SJTs) are designed to assess this. Questions ask candidates to select their most and least favoured response to a typical workplace situation. Alternatively, they may be asked to place responses in order of preference.

This not only shows you whether or not they would do the "right thing" but can also show how they think, what they value and their underlying motivation.    

Benefits of SJTs

  • Insight into work-based behaviours
  • Provides a clear idea of candidates' priorities
  • Assess for the qualities most important for the role
  • Created bespoke to your needs
  • Reflect role-specific challenges
  • Tests problem-solving abilities
  • Compare data from different candidates

Features of SJTs

  • Scenarios created around your roles
  • Create yourself and host with us OR
  • Work with our team of occupational psychologists
  • Scenarios presented in text, animation, video, or audio format
  • Numerous answer formats
  • Automatically calculated scores
  • Individual and comparative scoring and reporting

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Interested in SJTs?

Speak with one of our consultants about using SJTs and find out how Tazio can support you in unleashing your organisation's potential.

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