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A fresh approach to early careers recruitment

Finding the best candidates can be challenging, especially for early careers and graduate roles. Tazio gives you the advantage.

Our innovative recruitment process combines assessments, tests, and interactions to assess the 'whole' person, making it easy to find the best fit candidates for your organisation.

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Recruitment process that finds candidates 60% faster

Find the right candidates 60% faster

We know that reducing the time to assess, select and make an offer to the right candidate is essential for your organisation. That's why we've focused on making the recruitment process an uncomplicated and intuitive user experience.

You simply select the values that most closely align with your organisation's, then choose the competencies and skills candidates will need to be successful in the role. From there, grounded in behavioural science and using AI optimisation, we generate a customised recruitment process to evaluate candidates' values, aptitude, personality traits, and motivation to identify those who best fit. 

Each unique recruitment process consists of some or all of the following elements :

Each assessment is automatically scored and ranks candidates based on their match with your organisation's values and role-specific competencies, providing you with a comprehensive assessment of each candidate. 

Using Tazio can reduce the time it takes to hire the right candidate by over 60% while ensuring a superior candidate experience and reliable, objective, and valid hiring decisions.

Improving the candidate's experience

With increasing competition for the best candidates, attracting and engaging with these candidates can be time-consuming and demanding. To successfully engage the best candidates, your recruitment process needs to offer a positive experience, promote your brand and be attractive to all candidates. 

Using gamification elements and AI optimisation, our technology creates a recruitment process which is inviting, informative, and easy to use, giving candidates a positive experience from start to finish. After each assessment, test or section, candidates receive instant feedback showing them how they are performing and encouraging them to complete the assessment process. 

This feedback helps candidates understand their strengths and which roles best suit them. We can also suggest other jobs they should consider and automatically adapt the recruitment process to assess them for that role. We highlight areas for potential improvement, enabling them to develop their skills and prepare for future opportunities.

You can also set benchmarks candidates need to achieve to proceed to the next stage. Once they've completed the online process, successful candidates can then schedule an interview or book onto a virtual assessment centre, further streamlining your hiring process.

The entire recruitment process is personalised and branded to match your employer's style, making it a seamless experience for candidates. By providing a better candidate experience, you engage with all candidates, regardless of their background or identity, and promote your brand as a positive and inclusive workplace. 

We know that a better candidate experience will attract top talent and build a strong employer brand, leading to more candidates accepting your job offers and helping you to achieve your hiring goals.

Improving the candidate experience of your recruitment process

Who we work with

A diverse and inclusive recruitment process

Improves diversity and inclusion in the workplace

We know the crucial importance and significant benefits to large employers of recruiting a diverse range of candidates. Yet, finding suitable candidates from diverse backgrounds can be challenging, so we have focused on making the entire recruitment process inclusive and objective. 

Using a combination of behavioural science and AI, we can analyse and identify patterns in candidate responses, enabling you to select the best candidates more quickly and fairly. Our AI algorithms are unbiased and objective, helping to eliminate any unconscious bias that may impact the recruitment process. 

All our assessments and tests are optimised to evaluate candidates' values, aptitude, personality, and motivation, providing a comprehensive profile for each candidate, regardless of their background or identity. This helps to ensure you're making hiring decisions that are not biased towards any particular demographic or background. 

Using Tazio, you can be confident you're hiring the best candidates for your organisation, promoting diversity and inclusion, essential for the long-term success of your teams and organisation. 

Simple administration 

We know your time is valuable, so we've focused on making Tazio intuitive and easy to navigate for recruiters, assessors and hiring managers. All your assessments, tests and interviews are delivered through one platform, making it simple and convenient. You can evaluate candidates' values, aptitude, personality, and motivation in one place, reducing the need to learn numerous tools and platforms. 

The recruitment process is also fully automated, providing instant feedback and rankings based on candidate performance. This significantly reduces administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on making hiring decisions that are reliable, objective, and valid. 

By reducing administrative tasks, you reduce the time it takes to make a hire, ensuring that your organisation can secure top talent quickly and efficiently.

Administering your recruitment process
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