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Virtual Assessment Centres

Are you looking for a solution to streamline your hiring process and improve workplace inclusivity? Look no further than Virtual Assessment Centers (VACs). Say goodbye to traditional, in-person assessments and embrace the future of talent acquisition with VACs.

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Why use virtual assessment centres?

Virtual Assessment Centres (VACs), also known as Online Assessment Centres (OACs) provide numerous benefits to employers who recruit a large number of apprentices, graduates, or early career roles. Cost savings, time savings, increased accessibility for candidates, improved candidate experience, and the ability to use technology for assessment and data analysis are among the benefits.

Cost Savings: Eliminating the need for travel, accommodation, and other expenses associated with in-person assessment centres, can save an organisation a lot of money.

Savings in time: Without the need for travel and other logistical arrangements, VACs can be completed more quickly than in-person assessment centres. This can lead to more efficient and faster recruitment processes, which is especially beneficial for global employers.

Increased accessibility for candidates: VACs allow for the assessment of candidates from anywhere in the world, making reaching a wider pool of applicants easier. This can lead to more diverse and inclusive recruitment processes and help HR and Talent Acquisition professionals reach candidates who may have previously been difficult to assess due to geographical restrictions.

Improved candidate experience: VACs provide a more flexible and convenient experience for candidates, reducing the need for travel and allowing them to participate from the comfort of their own homes. This can lead to higher candidate engagement and satisfaction levels, improving the likelihood of successful hires and reducing turnover.

Ability to use technology for assessment and data analysis: Online assessment centres allow recruiters, assessors and hiring managers to enhance the recruitment process and collect, analyse, and interpret data far more efficiently. This can provide valuable insights and make it easier to make better-informed hiring decisions.

Moving to virtual assessment centres

Getting started with online assessment centres requires careful planning and consideration of best practices. Here are some critical considerations for recruiters, assessors and hiring managers to consider:

1. Preparing for the virtual format: It's essential to understand the format and technology used for VACs and to prepare accordingly. Tazio provides comprehensive training and support for assessors, facilitators and candidates, ensuring that the technology is used to its full potential, is reliable and user-friendly.

2. Choosing the right technology: When selecting technology for your virtual assessment centres, it's crucial that you choose a platform that is secure, reliable, and easy to use. Tazio has unrivalled experience delivering virtual assessment centres for employers around the world. Our platform has all the necessary features and functionality to assess candidates effectively and collect data.

3. Ensuring candidate engagement and fairness: VACs should be designed to ensure that candidates are fully engaged and that the assessment process is fair. We create clear instructions and guidance for assessors and candidates, including technology to monitor and mitigate potential biases.

4. Measuring and analysing results: Data collected during VACs can be analysed to determine the assessment process's effectiveness and make better-informed hiring decisions. This may involve tracking key metrics, such as candidate engagement and satisfaction, and evaluating the assessment tasks' results.

Creating your virtual assessment centre

The best online assessment centres are set up to replicate the structure of an in-person assessment centre but suitably adapted to work effectively online. Tazio creates and manages hundreds of VACs for global enterprise customers worldwide. Our online platform allows for the same types of activities and assessments as an in-person centre, such as group activities, individual tasks, case studies, and simulations. Additionally, we provide participants with the same level of support and feedback as they would get attending an in-person assessment centre.

We will help you choose the most appropriate assessments, tests and exercises to evaluate candidates for each role effectively. We'll create all the content, scoring frameworks and supporting documents to ensure you have the right resources and personnel to run your online assessment centre. Finally, we can write all the communications to support the assessment process for your candidates, assessors and facilitators.

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Improving diversity and inclusion

Virtual Assessment Centres can significantly improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Here are some ways they can help:

A wider pool of candidates: VACs eliminate candidates' need to travel, making it easier for individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate. This allows for a wider pool of candidates, potentially increasing the diversity of the applicant pool.

Reducing bias: With their structured and consistent assessment and interview approach, VACs can help to reduce unconscious bias by reducing the influence of factors such as race, gender, or appearance. This makes your recruitment process more objective and fair, helping to ensure that the best candidates are selected.

Improved accessibility: VACs provide improved accessibility for individuals with disabilities, as they can be completed from the comfort of their own homes without the need for travel or other physical requirements.

Advanced technology: Our virtual assessment centres use advanced technology for data analysis, which can help to identify and eliminate bias in the selection process. For example, it becomes easier to detect and correct gender and ethnicity biases in candidate assessments.

Benefits of online assessment centres

  • Improved candidate experience
  • Lower costs, no room hire, travel costs, etc.
  • Improves diversity and inclusion
  • Easily scalable, repeatable and consistent
  • Ensures more objective unbiased hiring decisions
  • SIgnificantly reduce recruiter and assessor workload

Features of online assessment centres

  • Accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile
  • Fully branded for a consistent candidate experience
  • Immersive exercises featuring video, audio, and images
  • Huge range of exercises, roleplays, psychometric and aptitude test options
  • Personalised candidate feedback reports automatically generated
  • Competency and values frameworks and scoring criteria created to your needs

FAQs about virtual assessment centres

What is a virtual assessment centre (VACs)?

VACs are a more convenient, adaptable, and cost-effective alternative to the traditional in-person assessment centre. They can include the same types of assessments, group exercises, role plays, and interviews, but are instead delivered online through a specialised platform, such as Tazio.

What are the advantages of using online assessment centres?

There are numerous advantages, including; cost savings, greater time efficiency, easier access for candidates, and improved candidate experience. As consistent and structured approach to assessment increase objectivity and reduces bias.

What technology is used for a Virtual Assessment Centre?

Virtual assessment centres are typically hosted on cloud-based platforms such as Tazio. They can be accessed from any web browser including tablets and mobile phones. We use various technologies, including integrations with Microsoft Teams and Zoom for live video conferencing, with all online testing, psychometric assessments and data analytics tools hosted on our platform.

Is an online assessment centre as effective as an in-person assessment centre?

From our wealth of experience, we know virtual assessment centres can be just as effective as in-person assessment centres. In some cases, they can provide additional benefits such as increased accessibility for candidates and improved candidate experience. Working with an experienced partner like Tazio, who can support you with careful planning and implementation, will help ensure a successful outcome for assessors and candidates.

How much do online assessment centres cost? 

Prices vary widely depending on the provider you choose, how many centres you run, the number and complexity of the exercises and assessments. Tazio are not the cheapest, equally we're far from the most expensive. As one of the first providers of VACs our technology and processes have been optimised over the last four years to deliver the best assessor and candidate experience possible at a fair price. As a ballpark guide, you should expect to pay between £20 and £50 per candidate for a fully managed VAC.

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