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Virtual Assessment Centres

Eliminate travel costs and time constraints by bringing candidates and assessors together in a virtual assessment centre tailored to your needs.

Why use virtual assessment centres

Running physical assessment centres is not always possible or desirable. They can be costly, need significant planning, and often require candidates and assessors to travel long distances.

Tazio virtual assessment centres allow you to evaluate the suitability of candidates and employees remotely. The main advantages of handling all of this online are reduced costs, the ability to see more candidates in less time, and no geographical boundaries.  

We work with you to define the assessment criteria for your roles based on the desired competencies, behaviours, and skills. We then create and host the exercises, assessments and interviews on our platform to your specification. The scoring forms, the supporting documents, assessor, and candidate guides are all included.

Candidates can watch videos about your company and the role, access supporting documents and see their schedule for the day. They can complete assessments, join virtual exercises and live video interviews with fully integrated Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings, all from a fully branded portal.

At the same time, your assessors can observe and interview candidates in live video conference rooms. They can record their observations and score candidates. They can also review candidates' written exercises, complete assessments, record interviews and presentations.

And that's not all. With real-time analysis and reporting tools, you can see instantly who has and hasn't been assessed and how candidates are performing.

Benefits of virtual assessment centres

  • Reduces recruiter workloads and admin
  • Save costs of room hire, travel costs, etc.
  • Compare skills and suitability for the role
  • Ideal for volume hiring and graduate schemes
  • Consistent scoring across assessments
  • Combine different types of pre-employment screening
  • Clear and consistent candidate experience

Features of virtual assessment centres

  • Mobile and desktop friendly
  • Fully branded for a consistent candidate experience
  • Immersive exercises featuring video, audio, and images
  • Combine video interviews with a range of psychometric tests
  • Personalised reports to quickly analyse behaviour and fit
  • Assessment combinations and scoring systems created to your needs
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Want to find out more?

Speak to one of our consultants to learn how Tazio can help you deliver your next assessment or development centre virtually.

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