Working with Tazio

We want to see a world where everyone can love what they do. 

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Why we do what we do

It all comes down to one simple idea. Everyone has potential, and we all deserve the opportunity to achieve it.

We want to help you make your recruitment processes more efficient, accessible and inclusive to identify future talent and encourage greater diversity in your applicants.

Ultimately, we help organisations and candidates reach their potential. Sound interesting?

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Our mission statement

We want to see everyone reach their potential and achieve a good work-life balance. So, we enable business leaders to identify candidates with the skills and motivation to be successful and become productive employees and future leaders.

Our values

Work smart

We're continually looking to innovate and be better. We are endlessly curious, eager to learn and always challenging each other to think laterally.

Be curious

By staying curious we remain open to evaluating new opportunities and are better equipped for conversations with customers.Harnessing the power of consideration and investigation will allow us to discover innovative, forward-thinking solutions

Be open and honest

Integrity is crucial to building trusting relationships. We are committed to doing the right thing and developing mutually beneficial long term relationships.

Be positive

Our ‘we can’ focused mindset underscores a compelling attitude to delivering solutions that will help Tazio achieve its goals, overcome challenges, and delight our customers

Be thorough

Being thorough to us means paying close attention to detail and ensuring everything is completed to a high standard.

Secure data and quality assurance

We understand that data security and quality assurance are paramount when choosing your organisation's assessment and interview platform. We are committed to providing you with the highest levels of security and quality so you can trust us with your sensitive data and rely on our platform for your hiring needs. Here's a comprehensive overview of our data security and quality assurance approach.

ISO27001 and ISO9001 Accreditation

We take data security extremely seriously, which is why we have achieved ISO27001 and ISO9001 accreditation. These certifications reflect our dedication to implementing and maintaining robust information security management systems and quality management systems. Adhering to these international standards ensures your data is protected and our services are continually improved.

Cyber Essentials Plus certified

In addition to ISO certifications, we are Cyber Essentials Plus certified. This certification demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding against cyber threats and vulnerabilities. We go the extra mile to ensure that our systems and processes are resilient against common online risks, providing you with peace of mind.

Data encryption

Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit using industry-standard encryption protocols. This means your sensitive information is secure, whether stored in our databases or transmitted over the internet.

Access control

We employ strict access control measures to restrict access to your data. Only authorised personnel with the appropriate permissions can access your data, ensuring it remains confidential and protected.

Regular security audits

We conduct regular security audits and assessments to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. Our proactive approach to security means we are always one step ahead of emerging threats.

Data security

Quality assurance

Continuous monitoring

Quality is at the core of everything we do at Tazio. We continuously monitor and assess the performance of our platform to ensure it meets your expectations. Any issues that arise are promptly addressed to minimise disruption to your hiring processes.

User experience testing

We conduct extensive user experience testing to ensure our platform is intuitive and user-friendly. Your candidates and hiring teams will find our platform easy to navigate and use, improving efficiency in your recruitment processes.

Scalability and reliability

Our platform is designed to be scalable and reliable, even during peak usage periods. You can trust Tazio to handle high volumes of candidates without compromising on performance.

Data accuracy

We understand that the accuracy of assessment results is critical. Our algorithms and assessments are rigorously tested to provide you with reliable and meaningful insights into your candidates' abilities and qualifications.

Your trusted partner

At Tazio, we aim to be more than just a vendor; we want to be your trusted partner in the recruitment process. Our commitment to data security and quality assurance reflects our dedication to helping you make informed hiring decisions while safeguarding your sensitive information.

We welcome inquiries from IT departments and potential customers who want to learn more about our data security and quality assurance practices. Feel free to reach out to our CIO, Richard Gaze, for detailed information or to schedule a consultation. Your trust and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we look forward to assisting you in achieving your recruitment goals.