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Find out how we help Health and Social Care employers create efficient assessment processes to overcome the challenges facing the sector.

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Health and social care face unprecedented challenges

Even before the pandemic, the health and social care sectors faced significant workforce challenges. There is an ageing workforce, a shortage of skilled clinical workers, and not enough people entering the profession to meet the growing demand.

The pandemic took its toll on the healthcare profession more than any other. The requirement to self-isolate or quarantine, increased workplace stress, staffing shortages, and burnout have all added to the decline in staffing levels.

With the general population getting older and increasing chronic diseases, the demand for health and social care will only grow.

Experience across different roles

With intense competition for candidates, we help employers ensure they have a straightforward, flexible recruitment and assessment process that delivers a fantastic candidate experience. We support health and social care providers to optimise the effectiveness of their recruitment process.

We've worked with The Good Care Group for many years, helping them recruit professional live-in careers. Using our platform, they provide candidates with an insight into the role using high-quality videos whilst at the same time assessing their values, motivation and suitability. Since working with Tazio, the quality of candidates has significantly improved while their administrative burden has been reduced.

The NHS Leadership Academy was the first employer to use our live assessment centre tool to streamline the scoring and capture of assessor comments. This has significantly reduced the time to collate candidate scores, improved consistency, and ensured an unbiased evaluation of candidates.

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