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The retail sector faces many challenges. Recruiting high numbers of suitable employees is one area where our experience can make all the difference.

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Recruitment challenges facing retailers

When recruiting, retailers face numerous challenges, increasing competition for talent from other retailers as well as sectors such as hospitality and contact centres. With so many more options, candidates are more demanding and less committed - ghosting is now common.

Yet with high employee turnover, they still need to attract and assess large numbers of candidates to fill quotas.

Helping retailers recruit smarter

To succeed in this highly competitive market, we enable retailers to create and manage flexible recruitment processes that quickly and efficiently engage and assess candidates. Automating as much as possible reduces the administrative burden and speeds up time to offer to hours rather than days or weeks.

We understand the necessity for your recruitment campaigns to be adaptable and scalable to meet changing requirements and cope with seasonality. Equally important is the need to encourage diversity and inclusion (D&I). This widens your talent pools, improves new hire retention rates, and helps create a workforce that reflects the communities you serve.

We have worked with retailers, including Sainsbury's, Selfridges and Virgin Media, to create a highly engaging and automated recruitment process to assess high volumes of candidates. These campaigns have significantly reduced hiring time, improved candidate quality, and saved hiring managers and recruiters vast amounts of time.

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