Our story

Over ten years of innovation, consistent drive, and belief has got us to where we are now.

Tazio Logomark in white

The early days of Tazio

Founded in 2010 by our CEO Tom Stroud, Tazio started life as one of the first automated video interviewing tools. Tom believed that video interviews offered candidates a far better way to demonstrate their suitability and potential to employers than the traditional CV.

Despite being widely accepted as a great idea, take up in the early years was slow. However, over time an increasing number of forward-thinking employers started to recognise the benefits. Slowly but surely, we gained new customers and started to grow.

By 2014, Tom had realised that video interviewing was just one small piece of the talent assessment puzzle.

Growing and expanding

Over the next five years, we continued to innovate and extend the Tazio platform to include an ever-increasing collection of question types, advanced features and improvements. By 2019, we had created the leading talent assessment, management and development platform.

With a growing list of global enterprise customers and strong partnerships with the leading RPOs, we continued to grow. Driven by our commitment to helping employers better identify the potential in their candidates and employees, we launched the prototype of our pioneering new assessment/development centre tool.

First adopted by the NHS, car manufacturer SEAT and the government agency Homes England, it proved a huge success.

The boom of remote hiring

2020 rolled around, and, well, we all know what came with it. As a massive surge in remote working came into play, so did remote hiring. And our virtual assessment and development centres moved to the front and centre of our offering.

With remote working and hiring now an ongoing priority and preference for many employees, virtual assessment centres are here to stay. But the data-driven decisions don’t end there. In 2022, we are rolling out improved talent insights and 360-degree feedback tools to help even more employers manage their talent and develop the potential in their workforce.

The future

Driven by our inherent desire to learn, innovate and improve, we continuously develop our platform and products. We continue to focus on three principal areas:


We know every organisation faces unique challenges, wants to achieve different things and operates in its own individual way. Therefore, we aim to let you effortlessly adapt and configure our platform and products to your requirements.


Is the key to the successful adoption and implementation of any technology, so we spend an excessive amount of time making everything intuitive and logical. Ultimately, everything should “just work” without you having to think about it.


With so much at stake, people’s careers and livelihoods, we ensure all our products accurately and objectively assess individuals capabilities so that you make the correct decisions with confidence.