We know budgets are tight, so we ensure what you pay is directly linked to the value you gain from working with Tazio.

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Tazio is an investment, not a cost

Working with Tazio we will lower your recruitment costs, reduce recruiter and hiring manager workload. Deliver the best candidates who will onboard faster, stay longer and become productive sooner.  

We offer two simple and transparent pricing options:

Pay as you go

With pay as you go we invoice you monthly for any professional services and an agreed amount per candidate.

This is a great way to start when your usage is unknown or irregular. It also ensures your costs are directly linked to the value you're receiving.

Annual or campaign licence

If you know your expected candidate volumes, this option offers the best value for money. We agree a licence cost based on your individual requirements.

Now you know your costs upfront making budgeting simple. This also eliminates the risk of unexpected costs if your campaigns prove more successful than anticipated.

Whichever pricing option you choose, you can rest assured that your cost savings and efficiency gains will far outweigh your investment.

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