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Customer service or contact centre roles are hard to recruit for many reasons. We help employers improve their hiring strategies to attract and retain higher-quality candidates.

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The perception problems with customer service roles

Customer service jobs have long suffered from some of the highest levels of employee turnover. Not everyone is suited to this type of work, and as a result, many will leave when the reality of the role becomes clear.

With nearly full employment and a vast range of job options open to younger people, competition for applicants is intense. Changing the perception of these roles and overcoming negative associations with contact centre work isn't easy.

Quality wins over quantity

We focus on improving the quality of candidates rather than simply increasing the number of applications. Our speciality is assessing high volumes of candidates efficiently and quickly to identify those with the characteristics required to succeed in the role.

We create and deliver an accessible recruitment process that educates candidates about the role while simultaneously evaluating their potential. Our proven approach is adapted to suit your specific requirements and ensures you find those candidates most likely to onboard fast, perform well in the role and, most importantly, stick around for the long term.

We work with numerous employers, including the AA, Co-op Insurance, SSE and Thames Water, to create effective recruitment and assessment processes for their customer service roles. These have all significantly reduced time to hire, improved candidate quality, and lowered employee turnover.

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