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Virtual assessment centres
Jennifer Davies
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June 3, 2023

As a provider of virtual assessment centres, Tazio understands that the world of recruitment has changed dramatically in recent years. With more companies embracing remote work and digital technologies, traditional in-person assessment centres are no longer the only option for evaluating candidates.  

Virtual assessment centres have emerged as a powerful and effective way for employers to assess candidate skills, competencies and potential. But what exactly are virtual assessment centres, and how can they benefit your organisation?  

Our experts explore the ins and outs of virtual assessment centres, from online assessments and video interviews to virtual group exercises and more. We'll also share our insights and expertise on how you can create a successful virtual assessment centre experience that meets the unique needs of your organisation and the candidates you're looking to attract.  

Whether you're new to virtual assessment centres or are looking to refine your existing approach, Tazio is here to help maximise the benefits of this innovative recruitment tool.

What are virtual assessment centres?

Virtual assessment centres are online platforms that allow employers to assess job candidates remotely. They typically involve a combination of video interviews, online assessments, and virtual group exercises, and aim to replicate the experience of an in-person assessment centre as closely as possible. Candidates participate in the virtual assessment centre from their own location, using video conferencing software and other online tools.

How do virtual assessment centres differ from traditional in-person assessment centres?

While the basic principles of assessing candidates remain the same, virtual assessment centres differ from traditional in-person assessment centres in a few key ways. Firstly, virtual assessment centres are entirely remote and online, which means that candidates and assessors do not meet face-to-face. This can create a different dynamic and require different skills from both candidates and assessors. Additionally, virtual assessment centres can involve different types of assessments and exercises that are specifically designed for online delivery.

The benefits of virtual assessment centres for employers

Virtual assessment centres offer several benefits for employers looking to streamline their recruitment process and attract top talent in a competitive job market. Here are some of the key advantages of using virtual assessment centres for employers:

Increased efficiency

Virtual assessment centres are a time-efficient and cost-effective way to assess a large number of candidates without the need for travel or in-person meetings. This is particularly useful for employers who need to volume hire for multiple positions across different locations or who receive a high volume of applications. Virtual assessment centres also allow employers to evaluate candidates more quickly, reducing the time-to-hire and increasing the chances of securing top talent.

Greater flexibility

Virtual assessment centres offer greater flexibility and scalability than traditional assessment centres, as employers can easily adapt their recruitment process to changing business needs and hiring demands. For example, they can quickly add or remove assessment components, adjust the timing and duration of assessments, and customise the assessment criteria to fit specific job roles (such as graduate schemes, apprenticeships and more)

Improved candidate experience

Virtual assessment centres offer a more convenient and accessible way for candidates to participate in the recruitment process, regardless of their location or mobility. This can improve the candidate experience and reduce the risk of losing top talent to competitors. Virtual assessment centres also allow employers to showcase their company culture and values, providing candidates with a better understanding of the organisation and its expectations.

If you’d like to learn more about how Tazio can help improve your candidate experience, click here.

Enhanced data analytics  

Virtual assessment centres generate a wealth of data that can be used to evaluate and optimise the recruitment process. Employers can track candidate performance, identify patterns and trends, and use data analytics to identify top-performing candidates and areas for improvement in the assessment process. This can help employers make more informed hiring decisions and improve the overall effectiveness of the recruitment process.

Reduced environmental impact  

Virtual assessment centres have a lower environmental impact than traditional assessment centres, as they eliminate the need for travel and in-person meetings. This can help employers reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable recruitment process.

The challenges of virtual assessment centres for candidates

While virtual assessment centres offer several benefits for employers, they also come with some challenges for candidates. Here are some of the main challenges candidates may face when participating in virtual assessment centres:

Technical difficulties

Candidates may face technical difficulties when using the online assessment platform, such as poor internet connectivity, software compatibility issues, or glitches in the assessment software. This can be frustrating for candidates and may affect their performance in the assessment.

Lack of personal interaction  

Virtual assessment centres may lack the personal interaction that candidates typically experience in traditional assessment centres. Candidates may miss the opportunity to network with other candidates, ask questions in person, or receive immediate feedback on their performance.

Increased stress and anxiety

In some scenarios, virtual assessment centres can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing experience for candidates, as they may feel they are under constant scrutiny and evaluation. This can be especially challenging for candidates who struggle with technology or who are not used to virtual assessments.

Limited opportunities for demonstrating skills

Virtual assessment centres may not provide candidates with the same opportunities to demonstrate their skills and abilities as traditional assessment centres. For example, candidates may not be able to participate in group exercises or role plays, which can be important for assessing their communication and teamwork skills.

Limited access to resources  

Candidates may have limited access to resources during virtual assessment centres, such as reference materials or support from colleagues. This can make it more challenging for candidates to perform at their best and demonstrate their full potential.

Despite these challenges, candidates can still prepare themselves for virtual assessment centres by ensuring they have a reliable internet connection, practicing using the assessment platform beforehand, and familiarising themselves with the assessment criteria and format.  

Candidates should also take advantage of any opportunities to network with other candidates or ask questions during the assessment, as this can help to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety associated with virtual assessment centres.

Thanks to Tazio’s unique candidate portal, many of the candidates passing through our client's virtual assessment centres are able to negate many of the issues mentioned above. Offering personalised branding features, accessibility tools and more, Tazio’s virtual assessment centres can offer an uncompromised level of candidate experience.

How to prepare for a virtual assessment centre

Preparing for a virtual assessment centre is essential to ensure that candidates perform at their best and make a positive impression on potential employers. Here are some tips for candidates to prepare for a virtual assessment centre:

  • Familiarise yourself with the assessment format
  • Practice using the assessment platform
  • Prepare for different types of assessments
  • Research the company and job role
  • Create a quiet and distraction-free environment
  • Prepare any necessary materials

By following these tips, candidates can feel more confident and prepared for their virtual assessment centre and perform to the best of their abilities on the day.

Click here to learn more about how to run a successful assessment centre.

Common misconceptions and concerns about virtual assessment centres

Despite the many benefits of virtual assessment centres, there are also some common misconceptions and concerns that candidates may have. These can include concerns about the validity and reliability of online assessments, the fairness of virtual group exercises, and the potential for bias or discrimination in virtual interviews. It's important for employers and candidates alike to be aware of these concerns and to address them through transparent communication and clear evaluation criteria.

The future of virtual assessment centres

As remote work and digital technologies continue to shape the world of recruitment, virtual assessment centres are likely to become even more prevalent in the years ahead. This may involve the development of new online tools and assessments that are specifically designed for virtual assessment centres, as well as the integration of virtual assessment centres into broader talent management strategies. Regardless of the specific trends and developments, it's clear that virtual assessment centres will play an increasingly important role in the recruitment process for years to come.

Overall, virtual assessment centres such as Tazio’s, offer a powerful and innovative way for employers to assess candidates remotely, while also providing candidates with a more flexible and accessible way to showcase their skills and abilities. In order for candidates to maximise their success during a virtual assessment centre, it’s important for them to understand the benefits and challenges that come with them.

Time to summarise

Virtual assessment centres are becoming an increasingly popular tool for employers to assess candidates remotely. They offer several benefits for employers, such as cost savings, flexibility, and improved access to a wider pool of candidates. However, virtual assessment centres also present some challenges for candidates, such as technical difficulties, lack of personal interaction, and increased stress and anxiety.

Despite the challenges we’ve outlined, platforms such as Tazio allow candidates to put themselves in a great position to perform during our virtual assessment centres. The key to ensuring consistent performance is to be familiar with the assessment format, making sure that candidates have taken advantage of any opportunities for practise, ensuring that they understand the company and role they are applying for, and for them to create a surrounding environment that supports their success.

By taking these steps, candidates can improve their performance in virtual assessment centres and demonstrate their skills and abilities to potential employers.

Employers should also give applicants that attend virtual assessment centres clear instructions and support. This can include providing explanations of the assessment's structure and criteria, providing technological assistance, and guaranteeing that the test is impartial and fair. Employers should also be mindful of the potential for bias in virtual assessments and take steps to mitigate this, such as using diverse assessment methods and ensuring that assessments are conducted by trained and impartial assessors.

Subsequently, virtual assessment centres offer a convenient and effective way for employers to assess candidates remotely, and with careful preparation and support, candidates can still perform at their best and demonstrate their potential to employers.

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