The Good Care Group - Case Study

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March 11, 2023

The Good Care Group offer expert, highly personalised, hourly home care, as well as established live-in care services. They approached Tazio to find a solution for their high-volume recruitment that reduced time, resources and improved candidate satisfaction.

The Situation

The Good Care Group (TGCG) are a nationwide provider of live-in care services provided by dedicated teams located throughout the UK. Rated as 'outstanding' in all categories by the Care Quality Commission, TGCG is a multi-award-winning employer. Maintaining high expectations of their employees, TGCG expects all staff to deliver consistent and exceptional care to their clients 24 hours a day.

Before coming to Tazio, TCGC relied solely on telephone interviews to recruit new staff. Not only are telephone interviews inconsistent, but they can also be influenced heavily by external factors. TGCG knew it was time to replace this outdated method with an innovative recruitment strategy.

The Goal

TGCG operates a rolling recruitment campaign designed to satisfy the growing demand for top-quality live-in carers. As a high-volume recruiter, traditional phone screening procedures are no longer efficient and depend heavily on recruiters' time and resources. TGCG needed a flexible platform with a great candidate experience, with the ability to manage high volumes of applicant screening, ensuring only suitable candidates proceed through to the next stage of the assessment process.

The Solution

This new style of assessment is primarily auto-scored, saving time for recruiters and ensuring that only candidates achieving the pass mark threshold are reviewed. Using Tazio's media management tool, TGCG were able to incorporate bespoke video for each situational judgement question. These realistic job previews are an effective way to give the candidate an insight into the role whilst providing the recruiter with a better understanding of their aptitude and suitability. Including audio and images throughout the assessment also allowed TGCG to measure a candidate's attention to detail and overall language skills.

Results & Benefits

By utilising the Tazio platform and working with RPO provider Peoplescout, TGCG was able to interview almost 3,000 candidates during a six-month period, significantly reducing assessor scheduling time. Evidence suggests that the successful candidates onboarded after completing Tazio's online assessment are proving to be high-calibre and committed employees.

  • TGCG now stands out from their competitors due to their online assessments, affirming them as a professional company.
  • The bespoke questionnaire created by Tazio creates a seamless recruitment process that appeals to more candidates.
  • After an application, candidates could receive an offer in as little as 24 hours.
“Having never used online assessments before, I was a complete novice two months ago. I have now been totally transformed, and using Tazio has been very user-friendly and effective. Its simplicity is a great benefit for my team and our candidates. Our candidate experience is very engaging, and the bespoke questionnaire really enhances our recruitment process. We stand out from our competitors due to our online assessments, and they show we are a thoroughly professional company.” Lucy Owen, Recruitment Manager.

The Future

TGCG is continuously striving to refine and improve their interview process. Through consultation with Tazio's dedicated account managers, they continue to streamline their recruitment and improve their candidate experience. Following the initial project's success, TGCG has extended the experience to their sister company, Oxford Aunt and Riverstone.

Due to the implementation of Tazio, TGCG now sees 70% of candidates progress through to the first stage of assessment, ensuring there is always an abundance of quality candidates readily available for their rolling recruitment scheme. Thanks to the new assessment, TGCG can screen over 1,000 candidates per month whilst offering candidates a 24-hour response time.

Due to the success of this campaign, Tazio has replicated the processes for some of our other high-volume clients. For more information on how Tazio can help your organisation create an effective recruitment process that attracts, engages and retains top talent, contact our team today.


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