Impress Top Talent with These Five Video Interview Strategies

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November 1, 2022

Maintaining candidate engagement throughout the recruitment process is a challenge faced by many employers. To help combat this, many of our clients employ a strategy that incorporates remote video interviews.  

There are many advantages to utilising video interviews, an improved candidate engagement being one of them. Due to the nature of these tools, they often require a lot of input and discussion between both employer and candidate, meaning there is a clear line of dialogue for the period of the interview.

However, for some positions, particularly those in volume recruitment, maintaining candidate engagement can be difficult. Fortunately for you, the Tazio team are experts in the delivery of a great candidate experience. Here are a few tried and tested strategies that you can implement in your next video interview, helping to improve candidate participation and get the best performance from your applicants:

  • Provide a clear explanation to your candidates of the experience, highlighting the benefits
  • Introduce personalisation to the process so that each candidates feels valued
  • Provide an open line of two-way communication throughout the process
  • Utilised a tailored branding experience so that candidates can align with your organisation
  • Offer a practice interview to help candidates understand what to expect and to check that their equipment is working correctly

Explaining the process

It’s important to fully outline the interview process to a candidate when inviting them to complete your video interview. Doing so can provide them with a better understanding of your expectations and will explain why your company sees it as an influential component of its recruitment process. In turn, this helps candidates to gain an overview of company goals, providing them with understanding of why this interview is important to you.  

Whilst video interviews are a two-way process, they can also offer you a better outlet of insight into the candidate's attributes and cultural fit within the business. For many candidates your role may be the first time they’ve had to complete an automated video interview, so a quick explanation will help them feel reassured with the process.  

The convenience of automated video interviews is one of the many reasons why candidates tend to favour them. Unlike face-to-face, video interviews offer candidates full flexibility to schedule their interview around their responsibilities and hobbies, without being pressured to take time off work or factor in any travel arrangements.  

Furthermore, many candidates have been known to desire the opportunity of highlighting their personality and motivations during interviews. Which can be daunting during a traditional interview process. Video interviews allow candidates to be more relaxed, comfortable and motivated to really show what makes them the best fit for your role.

Get personal

Creating a personal experience for the candidate is not only great for them, but it also provides you with an opportunity to showcase your business. Including a pre-recorded introduction to your video interview can acquaint the candidate to the role and your company. You should consider using a current employee or head of department as the speaker during this introduction. This can offer the illusion of a conversation with a person rather than a screen, helping candidates to put a face to the name and feel more at ease.

Branding is king

Branding your video interviews will help guarantee candidates that they are in the right place and provide a consistent, more polished feel to your recruitment process. These professional tweaks will help to demonstrate the forward-thinking nature of your business, identifying to candidates that you're comfortable with the use of technology they may be used to. A fully branded automated video interview creates a competitive advantage by helping candidates associate themselves with your company, from the use of your logo and presenting company culture.  

Practice makes perfect

As we’ve already touched on, creating a relaxed environment for candidates will ultimately lead to better performances. You can make the process even more comfortable by offering a practice test, prior to the real deal. Completing this opportunity to practice will give candidates a full understanding of how the system works, ruling out any surprises on their end.  

It also offers the chance for candidates to test that their equipment is working, elements such as webcam location and audio can often be overlooked during their preparation. Why not give them the chance to rectify this?

Tazio incorporates practice tests into a great deal of its assessment centre builds based on feedback from candidates and clients themselves. Candidates would be notified of the opportunity to practice after the invitation to the video interview is accepted. Then can then access it via their candidate portal.  

For more preparation, advise your candidates to visit:  

Adopting video interviews is a sure-fire way to improve candidate engagement and demonstrate your willingness to adopt new technologies. It also shows that your organisation values and respects its candidates time, often leading to a greater motivation to complete and attend a second interview.

If you’d like to find out more about how Tazio can help you integrate video interviews into your graduate, early careers, or high-volume recruitment campaigns, get in touch with one of our experts using the details below. | 02922 331 888


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