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January 19, 2023

One of the most established fashion houses in the world, this Italian powerhouse is one of the leading employers in high-end luxury fashion. With employee diversity and inclusion at the heart of its recruitment process, this brand worked with Tazio to develop its latest streamlined recruitment campaign.


With an established bi-annual Graduate recruitment programme, this luxury fashion brand approached Tazio with the vision of taking its graduate recruitment process online and establishing a comprehensive assessment centre (AC) that could be delivered virtually. Twice yearly a high volume of applicants would be assessed, and successful candidates onboarded.

Mainly utilising offline methods, including face-to-face sessions for their role play and group exercises, and interviews the process required a large investment from the recruitment team’s time and resources. It was identified that a virtual solution would assist in the delivery of a more efficient, streamlined and objective operation.  

With brand design and culture at the forefront of everything they do, it was paramount that their new recruitment tool offered the flexibility to deliver an excellent candidate experience, in a way that best suited the brand’s luxury characteristics.

The Goal

The goal for this client was to develop a multi-lingual digital interviewing solution, delivering high-quality talent to their Graduate roles. Covering a range of departments such as Marketing, HR, Finance, Retail and more, the solution had to be consistent and easy to navigate for assessors, administrators and candidates. Subsequently, the AC structure would need to be replicated across all Graduate roles, with the content of the exercises, supporting documents and scoring criteria being altered to suit the individual department area.

It was also imperative that the brand be reflected throughout their new online assessments and offer an improved candidate experience. Each candidate AC needed to follow a tight schedule of timed video meetings for both individuals and the entire cohort. The applicant outcomes of the ACs also needed to be measured and reported. As such there was a requirement for both data-based and candidate feedback reporting.


By implementing Tazio into their recruitment process the client was able to create an assessment experience fit for their luxury brand. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, Tazio created multi-lingual ACs specific to each department of the client’s graduate recruitment programme. This flexibility allowed the client to run their campaign confident that the new tools for the ACs would allow them more time to focus on the candidate and their outcomes. Utilising the platform functionality allowed the client to include unique tasks for the candidate.

For the presentation exercise after reviewing the brief, candidates downloaded a presentation template, created their presentation file, and uploaded it to the platform to share online via teams with the rest of the cohort. Tazio’s integrated video meeting and scheduling tool allowed assessors to create timed, Teams meetings with individuals for one-to-one interviews and the entire cohort for group introductions and exercises. Our branded reporting provided candidates with quality feedback, and assessors with key insights into performance and outcomes to assist with the decision-making process.

Results & Benefits

Since its launch, the client’s new assessment tool has been an outstanding success. Their candidate  experience  has  significantly improved, evidenced by the 1,050 successful candidates taking part in the ACs and a 90% completion rate. This improvement has been attributed to a better candidate experience with effective delivery of assessment centre tasks and materials.

Subsequently,  the  client  has  been  able  to utilise the platform to obtain a higher quality of talent, fit for its brand and its organisational goals.

  • Streamlined the client’s recruitment process from both a time and financial perspective.
  • The assessment delivers a better candidate experience, more in line with the quality expected from a global brand.
  • Automated reporting has allowed the client to obtain a better understanding of its candidates and how they fit for the role and the organisation.

Problem Solved

The client goal to deliver a great candidate experience and find their future talent was achieved and we continue to deliver their campaign twice yearly.

In Summary

Due to the success of working with Tazio, the client continues to operate its graduate recruitment programme using our AC tools. Overall, the assessment solution collected almost 1,200 application submissions, processing high volumes of candidates during the client’s recruitment drives. Looking to the future, the client is continuously striving to refine and improve its AC process.

Through consultation with Tazio’s dedicated account managers, they continue to streamline their recruitment pipeline and improve candidate experience. Tazio continues to work with the client, continuing the ongoing recruitment of their various graduate positions. Since its initial launch, there have been various feedback sessions with the client to adjust the group working and role-playing scenarios, all of which have added to the positive experience that candidates receive.


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