What really matters to graduates when it comes to their first job?

Graduate recruitment
Jennifer Davies
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April 1, 2022

If employers want to attract and retain the right talent, then there are some clear lessons to learn from the motivations, fears, and aspirations of today's graduates. The top five employers should be aware of are:

Progress: Graduates want to progress and develop quickly; they want to see their skill sets evolve and gain the experiences they need to drive their careers forward. At the same time, graduates need the feedback that tells them that they are on the right trajectory.

Pay: Money and finances matter, especially in today’s economic climate of rising living costs and student debt. Graduates want to be paid both fairly and competitively. Employers whose graduate salaries do not measure up will struggle to attract and retain top talent.

Purpose: As part of one of the most socially conscious generations, graduates want to work in organisations that possess the kind of culture, purpose, and ethics that they can identify with. They also want the chance to make an impact.

Plasticity: Graduates are looking for workplace flexibility and careers that reflect modern living. In today’s technologically enabled, gig economy world, graduates are going to actively choose employers that offer them work options that fit their lifestyle.

Process: Last, but by no means least, graduates want and expect a recruitment process that is candidate-friendly, swift, less bureaucratic, and hassle-free. Organisations that can offer streamlined, technology enabled software, such as Tazio are going to set themselves apart from other employers and appear more attractive to today's graduate.

To find out more about how Tazio can help with your graduate recruitment, please get in touch on 02922 331 888 or email sales@tazio.co.uk.

Jennifer Davies

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