Five Proven Ways To Engage Candidates Doing Video Interviews

January 10, 2017

One of the biggest benefits of video interviewing is how it can increase candidate engagement. If you're wondering how here are five proven ways to improve engagement with candidates doing a video interview:

1. Give a clear explanation and highlight the benefits

When you invite a candidate to a video interview, make sure you explain clearly the interview process. Tell them why you're asking them to do a video interview, rather than the alternative (i.e. CV or telephone screening). Explain that this is a better way to gain insight into the real person and their cultural fit with your company.

It may be the first time they’ve completed an automated video interview, so a quick paragraph explaining it will help them feel confident with the process.

One of the main reasons why candidates love automated video interviews is because it’s so convenient. They don’t have to take time off work or travel; they can just complete the interview in their own time at home.

Most people prefer having an opportunity to show more of their personality and motivation, rather than relying on a CV and covering letter. They will also appreciate you are using the latest technology to let them do this.

2. Make it personal

Include a recorded video introduction about the role and the company. It's great if you have the hiring manager do this, or equally valid if you use other members of the team. A video of current employees adds a personal touch and makes candidates feel more comfortable, and happy to complete an automated video interview.

A professionally filmed video looks great, but we also find that just recording yourself talking via your webcam is equally useful if money or time is tight. The blog post "How to create a winning recruitment video" tells you everything you need to know.

Questions can be asked either by text or by video – asking questions using video clips makes the experience more personal.

3. Make it a two-way process

An interview is a two-way process, so including as much information about the role and organisation as possible will help the candidate gain a clear understanding of your company and the role.

Adding a company video at the start of the interview is a great way to show what is good about your organisation. If you’ve already got recruitment videos, a video interview is a perfect place to show it in front of a captive audience.

If you need to make one yourself and don’t have much money, the best idea is to get a group of staff to talk about what they love about working there, from smart offices, friendly culture, training and promotional opportunities, to pub lunch on a Friday.

4. Branding

A branded interview will ensure your whole recruitment process has a consistent and professional feel. It will help demonstrate your company is forward thinking and using new technology.

Being able to brand the candidate experience fully is where automated video interviews gain over Skype or Google Hangouts. Also, the more your candidates see your logo and branding, the more they associate themselves with your company.

5. Offer a practice interview

You want your candidates to be as relaxed as possible, so give them a practice interview to get used to the process beforehand. We have a practice interview on the Tazio website that candidates can use here: , but it’s also a good idea to create a branded practice interview of your own.

Candidates love video interviews, and they can be used to improve candidate engagement by showing that you embrace new technology and respect their time. By creating a fully branded video interview with company videos and staff introductions, you can leave your candidates mega-enthusiastic to get to that second interview!


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